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top-rated air conditioning repair in kingwood, TX

home comfort within your budget

top-rated ac repair in kingwood, TX

home comfort within your budget

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Our air solution and HVAC repair company has offered peerless residential air conditioning repair services to Kingwood residents for many years!

We have been offering residential heating and cooling repair services to major cities of south Texas, including Kingwood, for many years. We still believe that customer appreciation is as important as the best-in-class air conditioning installation, repair, and maintenance that we offer to our clients. That's why after about 15 years of being in AC repair service, we treat each client as part of our family.

Give us a call today or schedule a free estimate online for any of our AC services!

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Summers in Kingwood, a.k.a "Livable Forest," can easily go beyond 100◦ F. In such hot and humid weather, it would be frustrating when you turn on your cooling system, and instead of receiving nice and sweet relief of the cooled air, your AC sends the hot and humid air out of its vents.

When it comes to repairing the old AC, updating or maintaining the new one, tens of questions will pop up in your mind, and you may find yourself in urgent need of an expert A/C repair and installation consultation. At our cooling and heating repair firm in Kingwood, we have your back, and our knowledgeable repair technicians will help you with the quickest and most cost-effective air solutions.

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ac installation

If your cooling system is outdated and needs frequent repairs, it costs you more money and frustrations than you want. Thus, It is time to upgrade and enjoy one of today’s high efficient systems that will save you money month after month and provide reliable comfort.

Finding a trustworthy HVAC company to install your new cooling system not only warrantees its efficiency and longevity but also helps you experience more uniform temperature zones inside your house and also will receive lower electric bills.

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ac repair

Our AC repair pros are just a phone call away whenever there is a need for an air-conditioning repair! We know how frustrating it is when your air conditioner stops working  in the midst of a heatwave in Kingwood.

A broken or defective part, improper maintenance, or a blown fuse, may cause your AC not to work properly. In any of these conditions, We will detect and repair any fault in your AC system at the quickest time possible.

Our technicians can detect and repair any fault in your AC system at the quickest time possible. No matter what, our Kingwood AC repair team will take care of any malfunction in your A/C and bring comfort to your house again.

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ac maintainance

To improve the longevity and efficiency of your brand new cooling system, which you have spent hundreds of dollars on updating,  it would be better to plan for its routine maintenance.

In our regular AC maintenance visits, our technicians will detect and resolve any minor issues, which occur pretty often in cooling systems and may heavily damage them if left unattended.

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Emergency 24-hr air conditioner repair

Under vaporizing heat of summer in Kingwood, which temperature easily passes 100 F on most of the days, not having a functional AC is an emergency. Because of that, our HVAC repair crews are on-call 24 hours and every seven days of the week to respond to any air conditioning repair needs. Once we receive your emergency call, our response team will reach out to you and resolve the issue ASAP!

You may need to make an emergency call to our repair team in the following conditions:
If you are experiencing unexpected and higher than normal humidity in your home, or
Even though your AC is on, the warm air is blowing out of the vents.
In such conditions, contact the Air Majesty emergency team immediately, and our repair pros will get to work as quickly as possible.




Have you ever thought to yourself, "I wish I had a central AC installed in my house so that I could get rid of my leaky and loud window AC"? The good news is with the aid of daily evolving technology, you can enjoy the quiet relief of cooled air in your house using ductless AC systems.

These systems are highly energy-efficient and can shoot the cooled air to every nook of your home using their powerful ventilation system, which means you will enjoy an innovative and efficient cooling system with the minimum investment possible. Our AC technicians in Air Majesty are experienced in installing and maintaining ductless systems and provide you with the highest comfort you and your family deserve

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Heat pumps are parts of your air conditioning system installed outside your house. They have a built-in heating system, which during winter transform cold air into hot, and during summer, they function opposite by turning hot air into cold. They are powered by electricity and use refrigerants to cool down the air.

Heat pumps are highly energy-efficient and, compared to traditional heaters such as furnace and space heaters, can cut around 50% in energy expenditure! So that by using heat pump not only you will enjoy more consistent weather inside your house, but also you will much lighter electricity bill month to month.

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Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) mainly refers to the air quality inside and around your house. When it comes to the comfort and health of building occupants, insufficient or excess humidity, bacterial growth, fumes, and airborne contaminants inside or around your house is considered indoor quality issue and must be addressed immediately.

With the aid of their latest diagnosis tools and scientifically proven cleaning strategies, our indoor air quality technicians can detect, handle, and resolve any indoor health-threatening species to avoid severe outcomes on your family member's health and comfort.

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heating services

If you have recently moved to Kingwood, you might think that there would be no need to have a central heating system installed in your house. Although Kingwood, like any other city of south Texas, is known for its warm and sunny weather throughout the year, the temperature can drop to below 40 on winter nights, meaning that you may need your heaters too.

Our heating experts at Air Majesty will work with you to provide any necessary services for installing, repairing, or routine maintenance of your heating system.

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Kingwood residents usually do not use their heating systems as frequently as their cooling. However, there is a chance that during one of those freezing nights of Kingwood, your central heating system or furnace does not operate when they are most needed.

Surprises like these are not fun, but you can rely on our heating repair experts to find long-lasting solutions rather than short-term band-aid fixes.

Trust Air Majesty's repair team, known for their best-in-class repair work. We keep your utility costs down and your temperature up!

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Like your cooling system, your central heating system needs regular maintenance services. You can guarantee that your heating system will last longer and functions more efficiently by scheduling routine maintenances.

Our heating pros will inspect your system from head to toe to ensure that every piece works in harmony with the others.

Schedule your heating system routine maintenance and keep your house warm during unexpected Humble's cold nights!

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our locations

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frequently asked questions about hvac

hvac faq's

What is HVAC?

HVAC, which stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, is a system that provides heating and cooling to commercial and residential buildings. HVAC also controls the humidity inside the house and improves indoor air quality.

What are the benefits of AC?

The air conditioning system can bring comfort to your workplace or home throughout the whole year. AC has two main features: cooling/heating and humidity control. Most AC units are also equipped with an automatic temperature control system to adjust the temperature to a user-defined degree.

How does air conditioning work?

Most residential or commercial AC systems employ a gas refrigerant to condition and cool down the indoor air. This refrigerant will be condensed and re-cooled using outside air as a medium. The components of an air conditioning system are divided into outside and inside sections. An internal fan or blower circulates the cooled air through the ducts, and an outdoor fan pulls the warm air across the external units of the AC to condense and cool the refrigerant.

What is an average life of an HVAC system?

Most AC's have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. On the other hand, a gas furnace can last for 20 to 25 years. As your AC ages, its air conditioning capacity decreases steeply. It gets noisier and may need more frequent repairs. If you live in humid environments, your AC's life expectancy will drastically reduce, and you may need to change your system in less than 10 years.

is my heating system working efficiently?

During a regular AC maintenance visit, the qualified technicians will ensure that your system performs at optimal levels. However, a few symptoms can remind you that your system is not functioning as properly as it should. An abnormally high electricity or gas bill is a good indicator that your AC is working at shallow efficiency levels. But you should keep in mind that how well your house is sealed and insulated and if the AC filters are clean will also affect your heatings costs. Besides, if some rooms are warmer than others throughout the winter, or if you turn the thermostat up more frequently, are the other symptoms showing that your system is not functioning efficiently.

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