I am irritated with YELP! !. They are misleading people when it comes to ARRINGS A/C and heat!! They are only showing the bad reviews of this company because ARRINGS stopped paying for Yelp. Our home warranty AHS selected ARRINGS A/C and heat. I have had very bad experiences with AHS contractors so I Googled ARRINGS A/C and found some bad Yelp reviews especially regarding Keith. I emailed ARRINGS and question them about the reviews before I made an appointment. Their response was very nice and understanding. I said that I didn’t want Keith to come to my home based on what I have read in the Yelp review. They tried to work with me to reschedule a time when another tech we could come out but that would have taken too long. I asked him to get me another contractor. Aaron’s contacted AHS but AHS would not change the contractor. I chatted with AHS for about 30 minutes and decided to give ARRINGS a try. Matt at ARRINGS emailed me several times. Matt was very polite in his emails even when I was not so polite. He called the next morning and made an appointment for that day. They also emailed the confirmation of the appointment. Keith called when he was 30 minutes away. He arrived, was very polite, and friendly and went straight to work. I have learned from years of experience with AHS contractors to follow them and ask questions. He answered all of my questions, fixed our AC, collected the copay and was on his way. I am so glad that I used Keith at ARRINGS . He was a pleasure to work with and I will call him again the next time my AC breaks down ( hope it’s not soon). Shame on you Yelp for only showing the negative reviews of this good company!!