Roy and Rick both came out. They took the time to listen to my past problems with the a/c-heating unit. It wouldn’t come on. Had happened twice with the heating unit; however, both repairmen from 2 different companies, started it up and both told me there was nothing wrong. When I explained to the last guy what was happening, he proceeded to tell me that the unit doesn’t work that way. (If it worked, I wouldn’t be calling.) When I asked what I need to do the next time it happens, he said to give them a call when it’s happening. (That’s just what I had done!) Roy and Rick not only found and fixed the problem, they took the time to explain why it happened (a power surge-typical for the Atascocita, Kingwood TX area) and showed me how to do my own maintenance. They were awesome! Fixed it fast and even went around my house closing my open windows for me! Great service.